Pleasing God

The material below is quoted from The Cure. The words help clarify the difference between a pursuit of pleasing God and a life that just results in pleasing God.

The Cure (J Lynch, B McNicol, B Thrall)

Pleasing God is a good motive, it simply cannot be our primary motive or we get trapped in a place of good intentions. Pleasing God is the fruit of trusting God.

Pleasing God is also the fruit of godliness, not its root.

God wants our primary motive - out first and last waking thought - to be trusting Him. Nothing in the world pleases Him more!

If we trust what He says - including whom He says He has made us to be - this pleases Him. If we trust Him with our life choices instead of trusting ourselves, this pleases Him. We can get the privilege of experiencing the pleasure of God, because we have chosen to trust Him with everything.

"Without faith it is impossible to please God." Hebrews 11:6

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