Coming after me

God never stops pursuing us. Dennis Jernigan said it beautifully when he reminded us that God pursues us more than we pursue Him. Zeph 3:17 says: "The Lord your God is in the midst of you, a Mighty One, a Savior [Who saves]! He will rejoice over you with joy; He will rest [in silent satisfaction] and in His love He will be silent and make no mention [of past sins, or even recall them]; He will exult over you with singing."

Pretty crazy when you stop to think about it. He sings over us. At the Vineyard, we intentionally create some space in our worship to give time for not only us to respond, but also to wait for God's response. Just a reminder that as we come tomorrow, it's with a heart of expectation that God will respond to us, just as we respond to Him.

Not only does God promise not to turn away from doing good to us, he says, “Will rejoice in doing them good” (Jeremiah 32:41) “The Lord will again take delight in prospering you” (Deuteronomy 30:9). He does not bless us begrudgingly. There is a kind of eagerness about the beneficence of God. He does not wait for us to come to Him. He seeks us out, because it is His pleasure to do us good..... God is not waiting for us, He is pursuing us. That, in fact, is the literal translation of Psalm 23:6, “Surely goodness and mercy shall pursue me all the days of my life.”
— John Piper - The Pleasures of God: Meditations on God's Delight in Being God
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