Audacious faith

The audacity of the friends that lowered their friend through the roof to be healed should challenge out concept of bold action.

Randy shared his challenges in the last year. He learned that if we don't become a church that is unmasked then their is no hope for the Christian church. Authenticity is critical to the successful and thriving support network we need in our church family.

"To belong to Christ is to belong to His corporate body."

People who are in need can’t think straight. Instead of asking “What can I do?” we should be a community that shows up with audacious faith and meets the need without being asked.
— Randy Whittemore

This bold audacious action is what should the body of Christ should exhibit.

Invite your community into your life. Don't go lone ranger. It doesn't work. There is unnecessary suffering in individualism. Persevere with one another in faith. Pray for one another!



Elizabeth is leaving to intern in Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, as a US missionary. Her heart is to reach the campus students she'll be working with to impact them with the power of God's kingdom. Her passionate worship leadership will be missed for the next year. But we are excited that she is going out to fulfill God's calling and reach the lost.



- summarized by Sheldon Hull

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