Kingdom Mischief with Eric Sandras, Ph.D.

I am really excited to have Eric come speak to our group in February. Over the years Eric has been a great friend and I think you will benefit greatly from his approach to faith. Here's a little info about him:

Three words that tend to swirl around Dr. E’s life like a twister in a corn field. Oddly, they are significant in making this professor & preacher into the unconventional pastor he is today… but perhaps not in the ways you are thinking.

With a PhD in Human Development and Family Relations, spending nearly a decade as a Human Sexuality instructor at various universities and colleges, and leading churches for nearly 20 years, Dr. E has seen and heard it all. He has met countless people who long for meaningful, significant and authentic relationships with others and with God. People who need a second or third chance to experience God’s grace.

Dr. E’s teachings and four books: When The Sky Is Falling, Buck Naked Faith, Plastic Jesus, and Mystics, Mavericks, and Miracle Workers inspire just such journeys.

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