Core Concepts

Lead Worshippers

  • First and foremost priority is to be the lead worshippers in the body gathered.
  • Focus on reminding yourself to be expressive in worship, dynamic, and still follow leader/team. Worship with eyes open, expressing worship, but ensuring part of team. Nonverbal communication is critical.

Support God’s movement

  • Honor and support the lead pastors, and the other leadership.
  • Pray for our church family. Have a heart for the people God has entrusted to us. The impact a time of worship has can be tremendous in breakthrough in people's lives.
  • Critical to be part of the community. For example, participation in life groups, wednesday night services, or some other gathering to keep connected and encouraged. This should be a goal except in extenuating circumstances (such as working nights). Communicate conflicts to worship pastor.


  • Team members can be “on a pedestal” to young & new folks. You are the face of The Vineyard. Make an effort to get beyond your “bubble” of people and go find someone new to engage and learn something about them. Let’s keep away from cliques and especially on a Sunday make a diligent effort to show hospitality and relational priorities.
  • Respect and encourage your teammates
    • BTW: if you don't get encouraged enough in the team, let the worship pastor know. Even though it's a lot of work, we should always been exhorting and encouraging each other!

Personal Preparation

  • Come knowing your material. Be prepared so rehearsal is really a practice of team dynamics, not a practice of learning your part from scratch.
    • We provide spotify/youtube links, songcharts, and scheduled material ahead of time to give you the tools to prepare.
  • Work to improve your skills
    • Try to do the material as originally recorded and challenge yourself

Hard to Offend

  • Conflict is inevitable. Have the heart of Christ, and remember that leadership desires to bless the church. Mistakes/miscommunication are bound to happen. Members can say hurtful things. REFUSE to walk in offense, and instead resolve conflict immediately and with the heart of Christ.
  • With limited time, and human nature, leaders and band members will say or do something that will cause offense. Remember that we each are desiring to serve and bless each other and address the offense with the person in private. Be slow to anger and work through issues. Don’t email this stuff, but rather talk through privately to ensure that stumbling block is resolved. Email doesn’t convey tone and allow the intentions to communicate as clearly.

Dress Appropriately

  • Everyone will dress in a uniform color coordinated weekly.....
  • Previous point invalid. Just put it in there to see if you were still reading...
  • Just something that will not distract from worship.
  • nuff said
  • I promise I won’t wear a swimsuit & tie.


  • We use planning center for scheduling and musical resources
  • Block out dates you are not available ahead of, decline conlicting dates
  • Confirmation of is required, as far ahead as you can, so we can fill positions appropriately.
  • Until teams are large enough, I'd ask rotation of 2 months on, 1 sunday off to just participate.
    • If you are partipating consistently, consider taking a sabbatical sunday once every 4-6 months.

Arrival Times

  • Show up on time
  • Message worship pastor if going to run more than 10 minutes late.
  • Any later than the 10 minutes, check before setting up gear. If running late, you may just be asked to worship with congregation, as it can throw a team behind in preparation to have someone come in during middle of sunday preparation.