Worship Support FAQ

Sound Tech: How do I handle setting volume level?

Always consider and monitor. Protecting people’s hearing is critical. Decibel Meter set to A Weighting, and Slow. Never should hit above 99 db (100 db OSHA safe standard) Type of music, instruments and audience dictate comfortable db level. One person’s complaint will not be grounds for immediate adjustment. Will have card printed that describes steps we are taking to handle safe volume levels. Set a goal for normally around 85 db for now and we can reevaluate. Resource Link: http://www.behindthemixer.com/content/how-loud-is-too-loud Mix and EQ adjustment is one of the greatest factors for bringing down perceived volume. As noted in resource, 100 db bass feels fine while 70 db screeching patch on electric guitar can cause people to run.

Sound Tech: What if someone complains that it is too loud?

You don’t take orders from anyone complaining. Ensure safe volumes are being hit, and inform them of this. Be a servant and give them db card and educate that you will ensure safe standards are maintained. Remember they are family, so be kind and honor them, yet complying with them adjustments is not required. Get more detail on what they think sounds too loud, and assure them you will evaluate the db meter and ensure that nothing is out of compliance, and that their hearing will be protected. Advise them of best positions to sit if one particular aspect is bothering them (ie move to back rows to lessen some volumes, etc) Evaluate EQ and mix to ensure balanced. Note complaint down on notepad, with time of complaint, person making complaint, and song. This way we can track if a trend or isolated feedback.

Sound Tech: What if people come and try to adjust the sound who aren’t a designated sound tech?

Advise them they’ve been instructed to ask no one to touch the board who isn’t designated as the sound tech to touch the board. Ask them to please advise of issue they are noticing and assure that you will consider their input as you are adjusting mix. Note issue/complaint down on notepad, with time of complaint, person making complaint, and song.

Sound Tech: What is someone gives a suggestion on changing the mix during service/practice?

Unless training or technical difficult requiring help, let the the sound tech working this day handle. Just enjoy worshipping and let them handle it. Suggestions later could help, but only during “collaboration”.

Media Tech: What do I use for preservice music?

Use music on mac playlist or google play provided by sheldon, as it’s been updated and goal is to introduce some music the band will be eventually doing in the background to begin to familiarize folks with it. Media Tech: Countdown music energetic raise volume to higher level towards end, but not too overpowering, will test and we can develop target db meter amount, take notes

How loud is too loud?

It’s too loud if * The pastor says it’s too loud * Multiple people complain week after week * The louder you make the volume, the less people sing along * You are mixing for yourself and not the demographic of the congregation. You’ll likely see this in less people singing along…or people glare at you after the service. * Parents take their kids out of the service (yep, I’ve heard about someone in that scenario).

The answer to “how loud is too loud?” comes down to this;

  • If it’s not conducive to worship for the majority of the congregation or you are told by the pastor to turn it down, then it’s too loud. Example target audience and DB level
  • One is a general audience with contemporary christian music and maximum sustained levels of 93db.
  • One is a youthful audience with guitar driven rock and max sustained levels of 98db
  • One is an Acoustic music venue with max sustained levels that vary from 85-90db depending on the team.

Sound board specs/details

http://www.guitarcenter.com/Allen---Heath-GL2400-32-Live-Console-103145025-i1153555.gc http://forums.prosoundweb.com/index.php?topic=1045.0 http://www.churchmedia.net/forums/audio-signal-processing/46462-subgrouping-allen-heath-gl2400-32-a.html http://www.allen-heath.com/uk/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=GLSeries&ProductId=GL2400 Manual: http://www.brava.org/files/5913/5075/0077/gl2400ugap55972.pdf