Joining Sunday Team

  1. Startup
    • Talk with worship pastor to communicate interest.
    • Read through EPIC WORSHIP TEAM GUIDEBOOK, understand what we are trying to build and develop. This is just a resource I put together to provide detail on where we want to go as a team.
    • Become familar with Nashville Numbering (see resources section)
  2. Rehearse/Audition
    • Coordinate with worship pastor. We'll coordinate a get together. This may be during a rehearsal night or 1 on 1, tbd.
  3. Finalize
    • Give worship pastor up to 1 month to pray and consider decision. Some things we consider:
    • Stylistic blending
    • musical skill
    • Relational interaction/connection with team/church
  4. Make your commitment. At this time I ask a commitment for 6 months. At the end of that period take a break (2-4 weeks). At this point, if everything is a good fit and you still have available time, then commit to another 6 months. We don't want you to have burnout!


  • Committed as a member (exceptions for guest musicians, but at this time is requirement for regular team members on rotation)
  • Be available for weekly rehearsals (TBD date)
  • Have an epic beard... Waiver on case by case basis, applies to males only.
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Even if you play 5 instruments, you may have a desire or passion to pursue specifically. Maybe you want to lead? Tell me more.