"God is heartbroken over the lost & oppressed. If your timetable doesn't allow you to serve these then you must reconsider your calendar." - John Wimber


Our Mission

Impacting the community we live in is our heartbeat. We believe in stepping out, taking risks, and extending ourselves out to those around us. 

We are not interested in judgement or condemnation. We want to engage people right where they are, with the love of Christ
— Lead Pastor - Randy Whittemore

Core Values

With rich heritage from the Vineyard Church association, we have a strong foundation to be thankful for. 

  • We prioritize celebrating God's presence
  • We believe and seek God's manifest presence in our midst, with the impact on our lives this brings. 
  • We believe in the pursuit of God's kingdom and the declaration of His message to our community. 
  • We believe meeting in small groups throughout the week is critical to healthy growth and relationship building, and that this is the core way in which people build relationships of depth in a church. 
  • We believe in the power of worship through music as a corporate expression to be a powerful time to uplift, encourage, hear from God, and help set a fire in our hearts. 
  • We believe in spirit led teaching, and that all "theology should lead to doxology".  -  J. I. Packer
  • We believe that God still displays His power and compassion by the work of the Holy Spirit with healing, prophecy, and other gifts, and that these amazing demonstrations are given to be used without chaos and disorder.