Worship Vision

Randy Whittemore

Last updated 2016-04-5

Envisioning Our Worship Culture

Passionate adoration of His presence

Our Focus

To create a place for powerful intimate encounters with God. My desire is for each person to experience His unfailing, unconditional, & extravagant love. Jesus came to set us free, and pour out living water to His people, with whom He is passionately in LOVE... We Passionately desire to meet with God, allowing space for the Holy Spirit to move, igniting hearts & changing lives.

Our Tone: Celebratory

This simply means that our services should feel celebratory (A celebratory tone), not somber. It should reflect our passion, joy, adoration and honoring of our Living God. We are celebrating Gods grace, sacrifice, love, mercy etc… that he has for us. This does not mean we do only up beat songs. It means we are alive, our God is alive and our hearts are filled with the knowledge that He loves us. We are expressing our love for a living present God vs. expressing grief for the loss of someone no longer present. Therefore, intimate love songs are appropriate expressions of celebration. We reject songs that imply that we are losers without hope.

Musical Style

This means that we play worship songs using current relevant music styles. It is true that the majority of our songs have been written within the last decade but that doesn’t mean we don’t use songs written several years ago. Contemporary style is different than contemporary songs. I believe we can use hymns, contemporary anthems and traditional songs with modern contemporary music styles. And I think we should blend them in our sets… as long as they are theologically sound. In fact I believe that blending traditional songs with contemporary songs in our worship sets would be far more meaningful and impactful than a steady diet of new songs.

Leaders & Musicians

I see a full band of passionate musicians. I envision a band with electric, acoustic, bass guitarists, drums, keyboards, diverse vocalists and synths. And dare I say it… I think an occasional choir would be so great! Yes! A creative, modern day choir! I can almost taste it!

I envision a diverse group of worship leaders with the heart and the will to create a place through song where people experience the Holy Spirit. A team of musicians and worship leaders devoted to going deeper with God in their personal lives is essential.

Where do we start? We can only do what we can only do: Until we grow, attract people with musical skills, and increase income, we can only do what we can do.

  1. Pray – I’m serious.
  2. Prepare – Make sure that our current team understands the importance of preparing their skill, mind and spirits before playing a set on Sunday.
  3. Occasionally try blending a set with traditional/contemporary. Let’s see how it feels.
  4. Recruit, Recruit, Recruit.
  5. We can do more…